Fiscal Responsibility – Stop the deficit spending, eliminate the waste, balance the budget and restore accountability.  Why is it that we as citizens are required to live within our means and if we don’t we face consequences such as the inability to attain credit or even worse the loss of our property?  The United States as a country is no different.  It cannot defy the laws of economics before it too will face similar consequences.

Limited Government – The role of the government is to exercise only those limited powers given to it by the people.  Chief among them is protecting its citizens against all enemies, foreign and domestic.  It has been proven in history the outcome of countries whose governments have grown too large.  Without fail the peoples’ rights and liberties are usurped.

Promote Free Market System – American exceptionalism is based on the generation of Ideas using ingenuity and creativity in finding solutions to meet the demands of a free society.  Entrepreneurship, hard work, responsibility and discipline should be encouraged and seen as something to emulate.  These are the traits which make America the greatest country in the world.  No wonder our founding fathers pledged their lives, fortunes and sacred honors for this country.

Transparency – All appropriation bills should be made available on the internet for review by the public for at least 20 days prior to being considered into law.  Detailed itemized budgets are to be made available on the internet for review by the public at least 20 days prior to their approval.  Bills or budgets not satisfying the aforementioned requirements are to be deemed invalid and unenforceable. The only exceptions would be when time is of the essence such as times of war or acts of God but not under any other circumstances.

Adhere to the U.S. Constitution – The separation of powers of the executive, legislative and judiciary branches should be observed.  Currently the authority of the legislative branch is disregarded by  executive orders that do not take Care that the Laws be Faithfully executed.  Uphold the first and second amendment. Our legislatures took an oath to support and defend the Constitution of the United States not to tell to us what we should or should not eat.

Lower Taxes – Our nation has seen many employers and businesses pick up and leave to neighboring countries.  It is because of taxes, assessments and fees that are created to supposedly fill the budget gaps.  Creating taxes to fill budget gaps does not work.  It didn’t work in the 30’s or 70’s and it doesn’t work now.   We must eliminate the alternative minimum tax (AMT), eliminate the phase out of the Rental Property Losses and eliminate the double taxation of dividends.  Bottom line reducing taxes stimulates the economy.

Energy Independence – We can be the world’s number one producer of energy by opening up an unprecedented number of offshore areas for drilling, develop federal lands which have proven oil reserves and explore alternative energy sources that are self sustainable and do not require government subsidies to remain solvent.  This will strengthen our independence from foreign energy and create American jobs that will keep our dollars here and away from those who wish to do us harm.



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